Buying a franchise ensures you have access to a functional, proven system. People who opt for a franchise instead of entering into their own entrepreneurial endeavor have a great chance of success by being coachable, following a proven system and leveraging the training and support given by a good franchise organization.
Many franchises earn a higher margin because they can purchase for the system. Their customers also know and trust the brand they are purchasing from, which leads to higher retention of recurring customers.
This varies by franchise but typically guidance is offered in
  • -Business Structure
  • -Accounting
  • -Site Selection (if applicable)
  • -Inventory Procurement
  • -Marketing
  • -Managing People
  • -and More
Investments in franchising range from under $100,000 to over $1 Million. Some franchises offer financing with as little as 10% down. Others partner with lenders and the SBA to help fund their projects and help franchise owners get off the ground. There are even ways to leverage retirement funds without taxation or penalties to start a new business. Let’s explore the possibilities.