About Me

Hey there! My name is Rudy Frederico, and I am here to help you unlock your dreams through franchising.
Not only do I help match individuals/families with the right franchise for them, but I also help business owners expand their company using a franchise model. I’m a 30-year veteran of franchising, helped open over 750 franchises for other people and have owned 2 franchises myself making me uniquely qualified to help in both of these areas.
I know times are tough, and working for someone else may not make sense for you anymore. Maybe you’ve always believed you would be a great business owner but weren’t sure what product to create or what services you could offer.

Maybe you’re a parent who has a college-age student and suddenly have more free time than you’re used to. Perhaps you lost a job during Covid and are looking for a new endeavor to pursue. Or you could be well established in your current career and want to take on a “side hustle” for extra income.